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14th Dec 2017

Michael D’s Reply To This Letter About His Mysterious Dog Fred Is Pure Irish Craic


As every humble cretin in this Emerald Isle knows, President Michael D. Higgins is a bonafide legend.

He’s tiny yet oh-so mighty, and best of all, his office replies to each and every letter they get sent in with a personalised response.

Which brings us to the mystery of President Higgins’ dog Fred.

Now you’ve probs seen photos of Michael D with a giant Bearnase mountain dog, but turns out there’s another mysterious pooch who lives in Aras an Uachtarain. Twitter user jiffington discovered this random fact, and his search to Find Fred began.

He wrote a letter to the President asking why there’s no info about sweet little Fred? Where did he come from? What does he do for fun?

The world NEEDS to know.

Now chances are that any other president would ignore what is clearly a piss take (a warm hearted piss take but still, a joke nonetheless)

Our president though, is no ordinary fella. He’s a real trooper. Either that, or he hundy p thought your man was like 10 years old.

Anyway, Jiffington got a reply about Fred and it was genuinely lovely.

Michael D’s secretary said that “Fred is a very happy and friendly dog and all the staff love him”.

Yet… No photos of Fred?

Nah. Here’s a pic of Michael D though. GAS.

What a journey. Michael D if you’re reading, please: we need to see Fred.

UPDATE: we found Fred! A source in an Aras kindly sent in this photo (we’ve been told he’s a few pounds heavier now).

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