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02nd May 2020

‘Proud to be Irish’ – Dermot Kennedy reacts to Leo Varadkar quoting his song

Sarah Finnan

Leo Varadkar quoted Dermot Kennedy in his speech

Dermot Kennedy “extremely proud” at the inclusion of his song lyrics in An Taoiseach’s address.

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar addressed the nation yesterday evening, updating the public with information on a ‘roadmap’ to lifting lockdown and the current restrictions in place to combat Covid-19.

Fond of including references to other famous figureheads, some of Leo’s previous speeches have included quotes from the likes of Winston Churchill, Seamus Heaney and even The Terminator – however, the Taoiseach decided to opt for a more contemporary reference this time, quoting a line from a Dermot Kennedy song instead.

Drawing inspiration from the song All My Friends, Leo included the line:

“Not long from now some summer night, we will see our friends again.”

Most likely fresh in the Taoiseach’s mind after Dermot gave a moving performance of the tune on the Late Late Show last week, his performance went down a treat with viewers who were touched by the song’s lyrics during this time of social distancing.

Taking to Twitter, Dermot shared a clip of the Taoiseach’s address, reacting to the unexpected reference by saying:

“This was a moment that made me extremely proud. Proud to be Irish, and proud of how we’re looking out for each other through this time. Grá Mór. We’ll be good soon. X”

Public reaction to Leo’s speech has been mixed and while some have praised him for his  “seriously well written and empathic speech”, others have criticised it for glossing over some of the more pertinent issues.

There’s one thing that people have all agreed on though and that is that it’s about time to throw on some Dermot Kennedy.

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