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04th Nov 2018

PICS: People Were Pissed Off With Ray D’Arcy’s Questions Towards These Guests Last Night

Darragh Berry

Ray D’Arcy’s Saturday night show comes under some amount of scrutiny each week but last night, it was probably justified.

From the creators of Love/Hate, Taken Down begins on Sunday and two of the stars of the show were on the couch.

This followed rumours by John Connors that the Aissa Maiga and Lynn Rafferty were meant to star on The Late Late but were pulled last minute.

He said in a post that:

“Please share! This could of been a great discussion around racism instead they invite a racist on the show. Lets see if the Irish media pick this up.

RTE have stooped to a new low. The Late Late Show was supposed to have on actresses Aïssa Maïga and Lynn Rafferty, the new stars of TAKEN DOWN. This is a show from the people behind love/hate, a show that had over a million people watching per episode.

“Aïssa Maïga is a black actress who is big star in France. At The Cannes Film Festival she led a red carpet protest against racism in the film industry. It’s ironic that the Late Late Show don’t want her want on but they want Peter Casey. More people watched love/hate than voted for Peter Casey.

“I know that the new series has cast a number of young actors who have come through Direct Provision. They are the new Irish – their stories should be told on the national broadcaster but instead we have……….Peter Casey.”

People were not happy with the questions D’arcy was throwing in their direction despite the fact that there new show was starting and is probably the most hyped programme on RTÉ since Love/Hate.

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