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25th Apr 2020

Roy Keane gives his side of Wayne Rooney’s ‘stolen remote control’ story

James Fenton

Roy Keane and Wayne Rooney didn’t play together for very long but there was still time for a spat over a stolen remote control between the two.

It’s a tale that goes way back, with Wayne Rooney outlining his perspective a couple years back on Monday Night Football. He told viewers that on an away trip with Manchester United back in the mid-2000s, Roy Keane was kicking back watching some rugby league in the common area before the bauld Rooney decided to flick over to The X Factor while the Corkman was off getting food.

Not only that, the cheeky teenager then decided to hide the remote so that Keane won’t be able to switch back. Rooney detailed that it led to an argument but Keane has now put his side of the story forward.

During an appearance on The Football Show on Sky Sports yesterday, the old clip of Rooney telling his anecdote was played, leading to a characteristic scoff from Roy. The former Ireland captain then went on to say they “definitely didn’t have an argument” and that when he came down to breakfast the following day, Rooney asked him if he found the remote. Keano, in his own words “told him where to go,” and added “if that’s an argument then God help us.”

Roy goes on to say he wouldn’t say he ever warmed to Rooney but he “certainly didn’t dislike him,” adding “if hiding the controls is their kind of banter then not for me.”

That’s that settled then. You can see Keane’s response in the clip below…