Ryan Tubridy sent Patrick Kielty a message ahead of Late Late Show debut

By Rory Cashin

September 15, 2023 at 9:02am


Kielty has also said that this season of The Late Late Show will have a different feel and tone.

In the days leading up to the return of The Late Late Show, which will see Patrick Kielty take over as host from Ryan Tubridy, our friends at JOE were invited to a press event in RTÉ's television studios to chat to Kielty about what to expect.

It was clear that Kielty is very excited about his new role, answering questions about everything from how the show might be affected by the current strikes in Hollywood (which he wasn't too concerned about, considering the breath of interviewee options available outside of movies and TV).

He also revealed why he won't be having his Ballywalter co-stars on as guests, stating "I don't think I can do that, I'd have to be interviewing myself?

During the Q&A, Kielty was asked if Ryan Tubridy had been in touch at all about the gig, to which he revealed "I got a little message from Ryan, wishing me good luck, which I thought was very nice."

'It's kind of about having fun' - Patrick Kielty


When pressed on any more specifics about their conversation, Kielty laughed it off, saying "Come on now, I've thrown you a good bone there! I got a good luck message!"

On what to expect from the tone and pace of the show, Kielty responded:

"I think the tone is hopefully going to be a little bit loose. I think, as someone who has done live stand-up and enjoys doing live TV, I think the idea of trying to make it too polished-  I think it is kind of about having fun, things are fun and things go wrong, and I think that is hopefully the tone of the show.

"For the pace of the show, I think there will be ebbs and flows, and hopefully there will be something in there for everybody."

The Late Late Show returns on RTÉ One tonight, Friday 15 September, at 9.35pm.


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