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22nd Nov 2017

Sammy The Seal Was Just Pictured Causing Mischief Out In Wicklow Again

Megan Cassidy

Locals in Wicklow town don’t even bat an eyelid at Sammy the Seal’s antics anymore. 

He’s famous for his friendly comings-and-goings by now, and is regularly seen crossing the road to his favourite chipper to be fed, much like ourselves of a Thursday evening. 

However, for those who aren’t used to him, it can be quite a surprising sight – and every now and then we get to laugh at Sammy through fresh eyes. 

Twitter user Derek Byrne stumbled upon Sammy after being chased out of the fishmongers today, and shared the photo to the social media site along with the caption: 

‘Just witnessed this giant seal being chased out the door of a fishmongers shop in Wicklow town.’ 

Users were quick to fill him in on the sitch, and let him know that this is actually very normal… strangely. 

There are also those who are discovering the wonders of Sammy for the first time 

Then there were those who brought the puns…

And one more time because it’s that good…