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12th Jan 2023

‘Scene stealing’ donkey from Banshees of Inisherin gets nod in two Golden Globes speeches

Fiona Frawley

Colin Farrell on the set of Banshees of Inisherin with Jenny the Donkey

The donkey was mentioned by both Colin Farrell and Martin McDonagh during their Golden Globe acceptance speeches.

Jenny the Donkey, a miniature steed from the West of Ireland has had her name in lights as she received two honorary mentions at the Golden Globes award ceremony this week.

The donkey who featured in the highly acclaimed film was praised by both writer and director Martin McDonagh and star Colin Farrell, who joked she was having an “early retirement”.

Rounding up the end of his thank yous during his acceptance speech, Farrell said:

“And lastly Jenny the donkey, who’s having an early retirement because she said ‘F*ck the film business, you’re welcome to it. I’m one and done’”.

Meanwhile, McDonagh joked that Jenny should have been nominated, but that she was a female donkey and “it’s the Globes”.

“I wrote this script for the two stars of my film, Jenny the Donkey and Minnie the Horse. I was hoping Jenny might have been nominated tonight actually, but she’s a female donkey and it’s the Globes so”…

Referencing Minnie in a separate interview, Farrell said:  “Minnie was great. Minnie proved that there’s no such thing as small parts, just small actors.”

In an interview on Shannonside Radio Rita Maloney, who’s the lead co-ordinator of Fircroft Animal Actors in Co. Kildare and looked after Jenny before and after filming said she was the “only diva on the set”.

“There was only one diva on that set, let me tell you. And it was a four legged little miniature donkey”. 

No doubt Jenny will have her day on the red carpet once the Oscars roll around.

Image via Jonathan Hession/Searchlight Pictures

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