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26th Jan 2021

Season seven of Brooklyn 99 lands on Netflix this March

Sarah Finnan

Brooklyn 99

Vindication! Netflix has confirmed the date we can expect season seven of Brooklyn 99 to land online – and it’s soon(ish).  

It’s Tuesday. It’s January. The weather is crap. Lockdown has been extended. We get it, you need a pick-me-up. Well, you can count on us… and Netflix who has just shared some very exciting news with the world.

It may not seem it but today is, in fact, a good day and here’s why: Netflix can finally confirm when season seven of Brooklyn 99 will land on the platform and it’s quite soon.

“The best day of the year is when we can *actually* give you an answer when you ask where the next season of B99 is. Today is that day. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S7 comes to Netflix UK/IE on 26 March.”

As expected, people have already questioned when season eight will land on the platform… which calls the following Jake Peralta quote to mind: “Sarge, with all due respect, I am going to completely ignore everything you just said.”

Anywhoo, season seven premieres on March 26th which is two months away to the day so yeah, at least there’s that to look forward to, eh?

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