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11th Dec 2017

Someone Has Finally Solved This ‘Home Alone’ Plot Hole

Megan Cassidy

We haven’t exactly been losing sleep over this one – but if you enjoy annoying your friends with pointless movie trivia, then read on. 

So we all know the basic plot of Home Alone is pretty far-fetched. An eight-year-old boy is left at home when his family jet off on their holibobs and he manages not only to survive unnoticed by his neighbours, but fends off two nasty burglars while he’s at it. 

Still, people just love outsmarting producers by finding plot holes in classics, and there are a few little hiccups in this one. 

Point in case: If a tree falls and severs Kevin’s phone line meaning his parents can’t call him, how come he can call and order pizza five minutes later? 

Home Alone

One Reddit user has taken the time to share his theory on the matter, writing: 

‘I always assumed the tree actually severed the main trunk line to the whole town, but local calls within the same exchange still worked.’

And it turns out the theory holds up, as Huffington Post confirmed it with a rep from US phone and broadband service AT&T.

The spokesperson acknowledged this is likely to have been the case: 

“Everything is changing now because of all this phone capability moving into the cloud, but in 1990, that was absolutely a plausible scenario.

‘When you’re trying to call from Paris, now you’re relying on a whole series of connections including undersea cables, any one of which could have a problem, which would prevent you from reaching some particular telephone number.’

So there you have it. Turns out we’re not more intelligent than the producers of Home Alone after all. 

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