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20th Dec 2016

Stalaclights Are The New Hipster Bulbs


Industrial lighting has illuminated the walls and ceilings of every new establishment opening its doors for the past several years. We’ve all seen them, the caged bulbs and exposed wires that hang “effortlessly” from exposed beams and unfinished cement pillars. The once hipster fittings are now so mainstream that factions of designers are trying their very best to create new concepts that will inevitably turn into trends.

Layers Design Studio are a design label dedicated to creating 3D printed products that stand out from the crowd. And they’ve done certainly that with their latest range in light bulbshades created by product designer David Graas- they’ve come up with the most unusual design in the form of skyscrapers. These Stalaclights (amazing name) are 3D printed “bulbshades” showing skyscrapers that seem to grow directly from the bulb. Since LED light hardly emits any heat, it is now possible to connect a light shade to the bulb itself. The design is inspired by the Art Deco era when places like New York and Chicago competed to have the tallest skyscrapers. The name is inspired by stalactites that grow on the roof in limestone caves. These hipster bulbshades aren’t cheap and will set you back a cool €185 each. (BUY)