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22nd Aug 2022

Stars of Euphoria seen enjoying pints and parks in Ireland over the weekend

Fiona Frawley

Maude Apatow sharing a 'cheers' over two pints of guinness with another person who is out of shot

As one Twitter user aptly put it – “Rue, when was this?”

Stars of Euphoria Maude Apatow and Angus Cloud have both shared updates of themselves enjoying time in Ireland over the weekend.

For those who have been tirelessly campaigning for Fezco and Lexi to make it official since the debut of Lexi’s play in season 2 of Euphoria, we’re sorry to confirm the pair weren’t spotted together.

Angus shared a photo of himself on a woodland trail with the location tag Cushina, Offaly, while Maude enjoyed a pint with an unknown drinking pal (unless you can identify them simply by their thumb – to be fair, I’m sure some Euphoria stans would be well able) at a Clare Island pub.

Maudes parents, actor Leslie Mann and producer Judd Apatow also appear to have been h0lidaying in Ireland, as Leslie shared pictures of a personalised pint from the Guinness Storehouse with the caption “Irish Summer”. As the caption would suggest, the post also includes pictures of Leslie decked out in a raincoat in a field surrounded by sheep. An Irish summer indeed.

Angus Cloud has spoken before about his Irish roots, telling the Wall Street Journal that he’d actually planned on moving here before he landed the role of Fezco in Euphoria. In an interview with the WSJ the actor, whose full name is Conor Angus Cloud Hickey, said “All my family lives out there”.

Header image via Instagram/maudeapatow

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