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22nd Nov 2017

Stunned Vegetarian Shares Photo Of Extremely Grim Airplane Meal

Megan Cassidy

The services industry has come on leaps and bounds when it comes to options for those who don’t eat meat. 

Grim soggy salads are no longer the norm, with the carnivores among us often opting for the delish veggie menus; so appealing are they. 

Which is probably why this traveller was completely stunned when he received his extremely grim veggie option while flying with Colombian airline Avianca. 

Here it is, in all its glory. 

Yep – as Steve so bluntly put it in his tweet, he was presented with an apple and a pear. 

We don’t know which part is worse – the fruit wrapped in clingfilm, or the sad little knife and fork that came with it. 

The airline have since responded, saying that this is not their standard practice and that they are investigating the matter. 

They wrote: 

‘Service is our priority, please let us know your flight date/number and also your contact information via DM. This is not our standard so we surely will investigate as soon as possible. AC’ 

If this had happened to us, we would have had the authorities waiting for these gangstas at the airport. 

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