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28th May 2018

PIC: Taylor Swift States That Ireland Is In The UK With Latest Tour Post

Darragh Berry

We’ll be defo told to ‘Shake It Off’ but this is a comment that is going to anger a lot of Irish people. 

Taylor Swift is playing Croke Park on June 15 and 16 as part of her brand new tour. She’s going to pack out the GAA HQ’s seats and pitch area for two nights and she is just as ecstatic about it as the fans. 

She took to Social Media to announce her excitement at heading to this side of the world again to play as part of the Reputation Stadium Tour. 

“I missed you UK,” she starts before adding that she’ll see her fans so soon in Manchester, London and Dublin.



Oh Taylor, what have you done. 

As you can imagine, her post did not go unnoticed…

Will she correct the post or address the mistake at her concerts? Only time will tell. 

We hope so because we certainly don’t want any ‘Bad Blood’ ahead of the Dublin concerts.

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