17 Super Satisfying Toys And Gadgets You Need In Your Life Right Now


Okay we would probably be stretching it to say that you absolutely need to run out and buy all of the items on this list as a matter of life or death but they are seriously cool all the same. If you've a bit of money knocking around in the bank account this month and want some treats you could do worse than some of these geeky beauties.

1. The mini desk vacuum which plugs into your USB which you can use to get all those pesky crumbs and dust off the desk.


2. The Twitter fail whale mug because only the really cool kids who have been around for years will get a laugh out of it.


3. This awesome rocking chair for two people or just the one of you if you want to geek out on a device.


4. Sudoko toilet paper for when you are on the bog and have a load of time to kill.


5. We all know what a massive pain stirring tea or coffee can be. Fear not as with a push of a button this mug will do all the hard work for you.

cf68 self stirring mug inuse

6. A LEGO stormtrooper Star Wars alarm clock. Not much else to say really.


7. Doesn't really get much cooler for the kids or grown up kids than serving batman shaped ice cubes in the drinks.


8. Hand painted Ray Ban glasses with the Avengers (or whatever cartoon you want) on the frames.

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9. Imagine the rage on colleagues faces when they say this Rubik's cube fridge on your desk after you pop it open for a chilled beverage.


10. These giant robot battle fists are the perfect thing to have in the office to quickly defuse tension with a bit of play fighting.


11. The 8 Bitty is an old school controller with the simplest of buttons and works with iOS and Android.


12. No need to carry a huge book around with this pocket sized version of "The Hobbit". Read it in true hobbit size.


13. Fancy a thumb battle and what to add a little Star Wars magic? This game is the very one for you then.


14. The "Doctor Who" cookie jar which is going to attract attention resulting in the cookies getting eaten.


15. Minecraft foam sword that isn't going to scare anybody but the pixilated effect is superb.


16. This seriously cool and unique tea infuser that grabs onto the sides of the cup.


17. A retro looking TV that actually doubles as a photo frame so as you can look all vintage.


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