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33 Gadgets No Geek Should Have To Live Without In 2015

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


I love gadgets and I'm the typical guy who wastes most of his money on the latest, fastest, slickest gadget to hit the market before I've even thought the purchase through in any detail. Below are 33 of the best gadgets a geek could wish for in 2015. You'd need to rob a bank or take out a second mortgage to afford them all but sure we can only dream!

1. The Seagate 7

The thinnest 500GB hard drive in the world and a must for anybody doing any traveling. As you can probably guess measures just 7mm and slips into any bag and is as light as a feather. Cheap enough as well at just under €100.


2. Withings Activité

A smart watch that looks stylish and isn't anything like the other ugly tech led options on the market. This Swiss made beauty is only $450 and links up with an app to track sleep and fitness.


3. Fujifilm X100T

This camera has a gorgeous retro design but also some serious quality under the hood. Produces serious quality images, has a super viewfinder and lots of manual controls for the more advanced photographer.


4. The Zolt Charger

Despite laptops getting smaller and smaller over the years chargers have remained bulky, cumbersome and heavy. The Zolt aims to change that this year and offer a new alternative. Pricey enough at €80.


5. GoPro Hero 4

In just a couple of years GoPro has gone from a tool used by extreme sports enthusiasts to being embraced all over the world. Comes in at about €300 and is by far the best HD portable video camera at the price you'll find.


6. Kindle Voyage

Coming in at $199 this is pretty expensive for a kindle but their page press technology, automatic brightness and ease of use make this a must for any heavy reader. By far the best in class.

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7. Mercedes-Benz F 015

A radical concept car that would be driverless, have a huge focus on technology inside the car. We can't wait for these to come to market. Sign us up for one and we'll figure out how to pay for it later!


8. The 11+ World Desk Clock

One for the world traveller or somebody who deals regularly with multiple timezones. All you have to do is roll the clock on your desk to one of 11 time zones around the world and the clock will update instantly. Cheap too at just €50.


9. Z Board

Get to work with minimum effort on this motorised skateboard that travels at up to 20MPH. The only thing that would be a worry is that it costs over €450.


10. Smart Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great way to relax and escape our busy connected world but without an instructor it can be hard to practice correctly. This smart yoga mat (Pre-Order for $300) guides you through lessons and tells you when you are doing things wrong.

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11. iMac 5K Display

If you are going to spend the day at a desktop working then you'll want the very best computer to do so. Does all the usual stuff well but the retina 5K display and thinness of the screen makes this one of the sexiest computers ever made. You'll need to do some serious convincing to your boss though as they aren't cheap!


12. Bravia X90C

Sony just announced this in the last week and at 4.9mm at it's thinnest point and mounted just 4cm from a wall makes it the world's thinnest 4K TV. Hard to justify the expense but we seriously want it!


13. Lacie 1TB

Hard drives have never been know for their beauty and usually look like an ugly mess on the corner of your desk. This new design comes made from gorilla glass, with a wooden stand and has a mirror so as you can admire yourself.


14. Logitech UE 360 Boom

Chances are the speakers on your laptop, phone, tablet are pretty poor and have tinny sound quality at best. This is by far the best portable speaker on the market.


15. Bite My Apple Stands

There are a bunch of times when your laptop, phone or tablet don't sit in the exact position you want them. especially in the office. This stand and many others from these guys will change the way you use your devices and probably improve your posture.


16. Mophie Power Station

We all face the issue every single day of running out of battery for our various devices. The Mophie is capable of charging any power hungry USB charged device while on the go and will be a life saver.


17. Sphero Ollie

A robot that you can control with your phone. You can use the app to get him up to speeds of 15MPH, race, do drifts, take huge jumps and generally entertain yourself when you are not doing work geeky things. Endless fun.


18. Bamboo Wacom Stylus

While the humble finger is good enough for most of us on our tablet a stylus can change how you use the device for creative people like artists and designers. Smooth experience and a wonderful tool for highlighting and completing other simple tasks too.


19. Elevate Brain Training

Given that you are probably a geek reading this you'll also want to make the most of your intelligence and make yourself smarter if possible. Elevate was the app of the year in 2014 and uses a series of interactive games to make you smarter.


20. Petnet

Own a pet and fed up of having to remember to feed them twice a day? Fear not as technology has come to the rescue and this handy device will feed them on time everyday with a regular portion as set by you!


21. Grippy

Using a phone in a car is dangerous but there are times you need it at hand for the likes of maps and navigation. Get the Grippy for your car and you'll never be rummaging in the side pockets for it again.


22. LED Musical Shades

Even geeks like to party a couple of times a year and when you rock up to the latest conference after party or on a random night out you'll be the talk of the town with these LED glasses. Only cost a tenner too!


23. Jawbone Up

There are fitness trackers in all shapes and sizes as companies try to capture the market but the one that has been most consistent and which throws back the best stats and tracking is the latest Jawbone Up.

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24. Zagg Zagg Folio Keyboard

An iPad is great for traveling or while relaxing around the house but one of it's biggest issues (and of course advantages at times) is the lack of keyboard. The Zagg Zagg does the job perfectly and is light and highly portable.



Pretty forgettable name but with vinyl making a big comeback again in 2014 (sales were up 52%) this is the turntable you need. Digitizes your records into MP3s and comes with a USB connection to have the best of both worlds.


26. Nest Thermostat

The start up that was acquired for $3 billion this year and which helps you keep control of the temperature at home, save on energy costs and which should become a crucial part of our connected homes. Now on sale in Ireland and other European countries.


27. S+ Sleep Tracker

This sleep tracker sits on your bedside table so no need to wear anything it just does the job for you without you worrying about it and then syncs it up with their app.

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28. The New Macbook Air

Not even announced by Apple yet but widely expected to already be in production and dropping this summer. The thinnest and arguably best laptop the world has even seen is about to get better so hold off on buying anything new until Apple launch this.


29. B&O PLAY H8

Just announced but already one of the most sought after headphones of the year. Offering style and something different to the ubiquitous Beats that you see everywhere these are wireless and last for 14 hours on a full charge.



Everywhere you look these days people seem to have drones and filming video is a big part of the attraction. This is the top of the range and will set you back about €2500 but it does have 4K video, HD wireless video transmission and a bunch of other stuff for professionals looking to shoot quality video.


31. Tivoli Model One Radio

Sometimes keeping things simple and stripping tech back is the best. This is a simple radio with awesome sound quality, FM, AM as well as AUX for playing music from a phone. Timeless wood design and affordable at €100.


32. HP Stream 11

Not everybody needs a super high end Mac that costs a couple of grand. This HP comes in at only €200 and is perfect for teens or people on a budget. Has a year of free windows usage, is made for using cloud services and solid for the price it comes at.


33. Classic Laptop Folio

With all those lovely gadgets to carry around you'll want to do it in style so this pouch that is half felt and half leather is the perfect partner for your working gadgets. Not cheap at about €230 including shipping but given how important your gadgets are only right they are stored with quality too.



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