43 Geeky Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


As Bill Gates says "be nice to geeks because one day they will end up being your boss". Apart from getting all the good jobs they also have some pretty awesome tricks and hacks that can make your life easier. Take these 43 for example:

1. Do this on your iPhone and save yourself from a whole world of pain every day

2. Use the sticky bit on a Post-It note to clean our your keyboard

3. Use a tin opener to get into those super annoying plastic sealed gadget packets that things like chargers come in

4. Use a sweeping pan to fill a bucket that is too big for the sink

5. This little hack will solve one of life's great problems... the lost remote

6. Forgotten your charger when traveling? Fear not you can plug into the TV

7. Stop those annoying earphones falling out and hear the audio as you were meant to every time

8. Pack all your books up in a suitcase instead of boxes when moving so as you can wheel them and they don't rip the arse out of a box

9. Freak all those annoying neighbours out by changing your WI-FI network name to this...

10. Turn your phone onto airplane mode for it to charge twice as fast

11. Zip on your jeans broken? Fear no more...

12. Turn the toaster sideways to make an epic toastie

13. Listen to the wise duck when it comes to cleaning

14. Heat food for both of you up at the same time

15. Never get greasy fingers on the iPad again while cooking

16. Sort out that wonky keyboard

17. One for the parents out there

18. Save money on a watering can and just make your own DIY version

19. Stop the place turning into a big mess

20. Get ready for some hardcore cleaning

21. Clean up that smoothie in the laziest way possible

22. Cool that laptop down with this eggselent trick

23. Make sure to bring a ziplock bag with you on your next flight!

24. Start a fire easily

25. Store all your cleaning products in a plastic shoe storage mat

26. Electricity gone and no candles in the house?

27. Keep your money safe between your phone and the outer case

28. Save as much energy as you can on holidays using a straw and this technique

29. Pro house storage tip

30. Save yourself from the inevitable dead arm or awkward position in bed

31. Create a rocking sound system on a budget

32. Make an ice bucket for your bottle of vodka at home

33. Fix all those annoying lids in the kitchen that always get in the way

34. Convert AAA batteries to AA batteries with tin foil

35. Turn a backpack into a rugsack

36. Never get duped again

37. Never have to chase the wires back to the source again when going to unplug with the plastic clip from bread packets

38. Turn a negative into a positive

39. Be the laziest person in the world and eat turn a cereal packet into a bowl

40. Save on the washing up by popping some milk in with the cookies for dunking

41. Use a rake to dry wine glasses like a hipster

42. Save money by making your own iPhone stand rather than buying an expensive one

43. And finally you could copy this legend who had to improvise when it got hot