Are You Ready To Play Instagram Russian Like Roulette?


We've all been there on Instagram... creeping through old photos making sure not to accidentally have fat fingers and click the like button or double tap by mistake. Nobody wants to like a photo that is 6 months old because it instantly gives you away as a class A creep. There is absolutely nothing you can do to explain that one away!

Well a new site called Like Creeper is taking this to a whole new level and effectively turning Instagram into a game of "Russian like Roulette". It will randomly pick one of your friends and like one of their old photos for you. Seems like a stupid idea but once you start you'll find this strangely addictive.


Here is the first one I did below. Now I know Martha for a good 5 years but I've only met her a couple of times. When she sees that I liked a photo from 40 months ago she is going to be like WTF is that creep doing scrolling way back there! Hilarious! Give it a go and you'll be surprised with the interactions you have with people.

Like Creeper


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