Introducing Vessyl- The Smart Cup That Helps You Hydrate


Vessyl is the latest product in the long line of "connected devices" that make up the internet of things which will launch in 10 days time. They've been building it for 7 years, have all the slick marketing materials and are in a huge buzz area at the moment but I just don't get this. The product promises to help you track what you drink, link up with online fitness trackers and keep you perfectly hydrated. All moderately interesting but with a retail price of $199 I don't see many people buying this. Who wants to carry this around all day long? What happens when you go to the pub? Are you meant to whip this out to start measuring your pints? The video is so similar to Apple's launch videos that I wondered if this might actually be parody. They'll sell a handful to tech geeks with too much money and some fitness fanatics but just like Google Glass and the Apple Watch I don't see this taking off. Too much work and too expensive.


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Niall Harbison

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