Magazine Uses Model In Underwear To Advertise For Interns


We are used to seeing pretty shocking ads for interns who are badly paid and poorly treated in return for doing soul destroying work but things have just gone to another level... The News Corp owned Sunday Style Magazine in Australia posted the picture on their Instagram page asking for interested applicants to tag their friends and email their CVs. Not exactly sure who in their right minds thought that a highly sexualised image was the best way to attract young impressionable workers to apply for this particular position.

After a fierce backlash they were forced to take it down and issued an apology immediately after. This caps a pretty bad week for Rupert Murdoch after getting embroiled in a scandal for telling Muslims they were responsible for the "cancer of terrorism". Given the history of some titles in his stable of papers and magazines we can't see him being too worried about this particular scandal though.

The magazine were forced to apologise....

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