McDonald's Rolling Out Wireless Device Charging in UK


McDonalds UK are about to roll out the first of its kind offering wireless smart phone charging spots at 50 of their restaurants. The fast food chain have just signed a deal with Aircharge which will bring around 600 of their wireless charging points to them.


McDonalds will offer 600 wireless charging spots at 50 restaurants in the UK, allowing customers to top-up their smartphone batteries without even having to plug them in. The chargers will be compatible with the Qi standard which appears to be gaining traction and establishing itself as the dominant wireless charging technology. Bad new if you're an iPhone user- they don't come with built-in Qi. See the full list of compatible smart phones here.

Qi hotspots are becoming increasingly popular- in America The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chains have announced that they will install the chargers at cafes in larger cities. Airline Virgin Atlantic also have plans to open some wireless charging spots at Heathrow Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport in NYC.


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Louise Johnston

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