Say Hello To Irishmoji - The App We've All Been Waiting For

Because all Irish emojis are absolutely cruuuucial.

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You know what you need just in time for the Euros? 

You need some Irish emojis, that's what.

The brand new Irishmoji app features over 150 different Irish specific emojis like Gardai, Molly Malone, a fry, passports, tricolour hearts, hurleys, Irish jerseys, castles, St Patrick and loads more.

Screen Shot 2016 06 08 At 08 13 46
Screen Shot 2016 06 08 At 08 13 55

So forget your generic emojis - download Irishemoji and start representin'! 

Now if only they would make a Coppers emoji...

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Written By

Fiodhna Horan Murphy