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A big week for us here at Trends as we launched our brand new Events section which will highlight all of the best in tech, marketing, business and networking events across Ireland. Our most popular post this week was the Best Geek Hangouts In Dublin - you nosey lot wanted to know where the city's gamers and techies like to frequent. It was also a big week for Supermac's who have come under fire from the world's biggest fast food chain McDonald's - Niall put together a great list that proves our Irish brand is way better than McD's. That's just a taster, here are the 10 most popular posts on the site this week:

10. A First look At Kanye's New Shoe Range - Yeezy 750 Boost


9. The Limited Edition Land Rover Defender Heritage


8. 19 Of The Funniest Comments On YouTube


7. Launching Lovin Trends Events Section


6. 10 Reasons Why McDonald's Should Feck Off And Leave Supermac's Alone


5. The Biggest And Best Brands You Should Be Following On Instagram

4. 34 Animals Who've Ended Up In Places They Really Shouldn't Be


3. Going To Watch The Rugby This Weekend? This App Could Make Your Life Much Easier...


2. Handbags At Dawn - The Irish Times Took A Swipe At The Indo, But They're Both Missing The Point


1. 8 Of The Best Geek Hangouts In Dublin


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