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There's been a lot of action on Trends this week - Ireland was named one of the most digitally progressive countries in the world, we shone a light on some of Ireland's sharpest minds and also highlighted some videography trends for 2015. We also took a peek inside Rory McIlroy's former home, dreamt about ski trips and told you all about the newest ad format that's taking the online world by storm. That's just a taster, here are the 10 most popular posts on the site this week:

10.10 Quotes That Will Get You Thinking Bigger


9. Quick Weekend Ski Trips


8. 7 Videography Trends For 2015


7. This Brilliant New Ad Format Will Change The Game For Instagram And Facebook


6. Ireland Declared One Of Most Progressive Digital Nations In New Harvard Study

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5. The Best Airbnb Listings In Northern Ireland


4. Jermaine Jones For Under Armour


3. 15 Stunningly Designed Things Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2015


2. Ireland's Sharpest Minds


1. The Top 10 Barbers In Dublin

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