These Two-Week Tattoos Could Help You Not Regret Your Next Tattoo

We all know someone who regrets one, so why not test before you buy.

I myself have a few tattoos, and whilst I don't regret them - yet, anyway - I know a few people who have tattoos that they regret. And these are not people who got them on drunken nights out, these are people that thought it through but for some reason quickly after realised their mistake and well...they're permanent - or cost a tonne and is painful to get removed through laser surgery.

However Inkbox Two-Week Tattoo gives you a chance to wear some ink, without the commitment and price that goes along with a trip to the parlor. It doesn't look childish or too fake, and takes only 10 minutes to apply without the pain of a tattoo gun. It has been funded already on kickstarter but once available these could really change things up in the tattoo world if they're marketed correctly.

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