This Notebook Is A Mini Whiteboard And We Want One Badly

What a wonderful little idea

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Most offices have whiteboards which come in wonderfully handy when planning as a team. Something else that most workers have is a notebook for scribbling down notes and ideas. But what would happen if you combined the two? 

The answer is the Wipebook Pro. It is the second iteration of a Kickstarter project that's getting slicker as time goes on and we can see plenty of creatives wanting one of these books. 

Think of the amount of paper you could save on. Add in the fact that it's made with saving notes to the likes of Google Drive and Evernote in mind and this is the perfect evolution of the humble notebook.

Screen Shot 2016 03 04 At 13 11 44
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The good news is that this latest version of the project has been funded by more than 500% and the first books are rolling off the production line. 

You get the feeling this is one of those products that are only going to get slicker and more popular over time. 

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