This Pimped Out Mackintosh Replica Is Every Apple Fan's Dream

A classic brought back to life


The Macintosh 128K, originally released as the Apple Macintosh, was the first personal computer released by Apple and it has retained revered status since.

In fact, you could say it is the most important computer ever made.

One company is tapping into the original with a new design, and a few tweaks hoping to sell to the hordes of passionate Apple fans out there.

Have a look...


While the design remains familiar there are some changes to the 128k computer so as you can actually make use of it today including...

  • LCD screen
  • CD Drive
  • A Mac mini has been hidden inside
  • Gold keyboard (Why not!)
  • Wiresless mouse

We so want one of these to sit in our living room, but finding hard to justify it!

Watch the video of the slick product

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