Video Shows Elon Musk Taking Delivery Of McLaren A F1 In 1999


This video popped up in my feed today of a super young and dorky looking Elon Musk back in 1999 as he awaits delivery of his brand new McLaren F1 super car. This was at the height of the tech bubble just after he'd sold Paypal which explains how he could afford one of these $1 million machines.

Today we think of him as the polished CEO of Tesla, the man who sends rockets into space and who aims to conquer Mars. Back then with his slightly large jacket, receding hairline (that seems to have magically cured itself) and eccentric voice he comes across as more mad cap professor than the polished media entrepreneur he is today. One thing for sure is he always thought big, even back in 1999.

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Niall Harbison

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