What Is Lovin Trends?

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We've been playing around with this site for the last 3 months. Testing out content and seeing if there was an audience for what we wanted to do and the good news is we've seen enough to turn this into a full time part of the business. Trends is a natural progression of Lovin Dublin and taps into topics that we are all passionate about including tech, marketing, Ireland and of course the latest trends. Tech coverage here has always been a little vanilla for our liking and we want to add our unique style to the local industry. When you look at the huge volume of start ups, the large multinationals with their European HQs here we think that is a story worth telling. Trends will evolve over time to become the first stop for anybody in Ireland interested in tech and marketing and our job will be to highlight the very best happening in the country.


Running The Show Will Be...

For a completely new approach to the way tech, marketing and trends are reported in Ireland we looked around for the very best and found that person right under our noses. Louise Johnston will be running the site/brand and turning this into a new business for us. She has a serious passion for tech, meeting up-and-coming start ups and digging out the big stories and trends here in Ireland. Louise will be in charge of building great rich media content, building an awesome team of contributors and delivering that all with a social and mobile first focus.


LoJo had this to say:

Lovin Dublin was borne from the quite evident food revolution in Ireland that emerged during the recession. During this period there was also an explosion of investment from multinational companies and a new wave of young Irish entrepreneurs. As media and tech continue to shape every aspect of our lives Lovin Trends is a purposeful evolution of our publication portfolio. It will act as a platform to cater for the tech movement in Ireland and beyond. Trends will also allow us to serve advertisers, giving us more scope for amazing, sticky content.

For all sponsorship, product review & advertising opportunities please email louise@lovindublin.com

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Niall Harbison

Niall founded Lovin' Dublin with a few fairly simple aims: discover new places to eat in Dublin and share simple recipes cooked up in his kitchen.