Why Do We Need So Many Social Media Platforms When We Can Just Have One?

Introducing WeChat – the answer to all of our social media needs

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Snapchat has just launched yet another terrible update. You can now send snaps from friends' Stories to your own friends. Essentially nothing is private anymore.

It's terribly frustrating to have to leap from platform to platform trying to reply, share, send, like, post, snap and react all without missing out on vital notifications.

But there is a platform out there that has to the ability to do all of these actions without overcomplicating the processes involved.

China's WeChat is the most popular social media network in the country by a long shot. The ingenious app has hardly been heard of, yet you can book flights, send emails, check your bank balance, keep track of your doctor's appointments and browse Facebook all at the same time.

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WeChat is a multifaceted platform which has taken China by storm and it's clear why.

It acts as a hub for all internet activity and supports all popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can do just about anything on it. It has taken the model of Messenger, but turned into a more accessible format that allows you to communicate with businesses and purchase things.

It also has the facility to repay your friends easily for whatever money you owe them, so those days of awkward repayments are now over.

We can only hope that someday WeChat will expand beyond China so that we too can benefit from the genius of Chinese technological architecture. What do you think?

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