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25th Jun 2020

Test your knowledge with an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia quiz this weekend

Sarah Finnan

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

You may be of the opinion that quizzes are so three weeks ago, but surely an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia themed one could convince you otherwise?

Lockdown restrictions may have eased but some people are finding it hard to return to normality and let go of their little quarantine bubble. I get it, we’ve become so used to being at home that now the thoughts of venturing into the wider world is kind of scary. No need to rush it though, there are plenty of ways to ease yourself back into it and just because we can go outside, doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to.

Quarantine quiz nights were all the rage there for a while – I went fairly gung ho on them at the beginning but kind of lost my zest as time went by. Not ready to call it quits on the weekly tradition just yet, Pat and Colm still have all fires burning and are hosting an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia themed one this weekend… appealing even to the reluctant quiz takers amongst us.

Encouraging participants to grab “a gallon of fight milk and have a slice of rumham” in preparation, there are prizes for first, second and third place as well as a few spot prizes for good measure too. Tickets cost €6 but you can follow the live stream on Facebook/YouTube and just play yourself if you’d prefer.

And if you’ve never seen the show, consider this a sign to move it straight to the top of your must-watch list.

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