Here Are The 12 Most Amazing Worldwide Tweets Of The Week

"The Great British F*ck Off"

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You guys have nailed it this week once more. Making out job easier by the minute – sound.

This week, we've noticed a particularly noticable school vibe coming from your tweets, so we've decided to go with it.

Happy learning...

1. Politics with @dandouglas

2. International relations with @everythingsjake

3. Astronomy with @dami_lee

4. Bullying with @bentyers

(Hey, not all school lessons are worth learning)

5. Home Ec with @byestephen

6. Geography with @heberhanly

7. Standing up for yourself with @Pro_Jones_

8. What have I read? with @daemonic

9. Budgeting with @joeheenan

10. Music with @ElleW00

11. Religion with @IrishChangeling

12. History with @brilliantshane

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Kate Demolder

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