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20th Dec 2016

The Christmas Bonus Is Set To Be Paid To Social Welfare Recipients This Week


The annual Christmas Bonus is set to be paid to 1.2 million social welfare recipients by the end of this week.

The payment in question will be given to pensioners, people living with disabilities, carers, single parents, the long-term unemployed and several other recipients.

The Minister for Social Protection, Leo Varadkar, welcomed the payment, stating it represents an injection into the economy, referring in particular into the retail sector, of €221m.

And as for what exactly those receiving will receive…

A single jobseeker who receives a weekly allowance of €188, for example, will receive a Christmas bonus of €160.

A couple with two children who receive a weekly allowance of €372.40 will be entitled to a Christmas bonus of €316.50, while a single pensioner on a weekly pension of €233.40 will receive a bonus of €198.30

The full and comprehensive list of 2016 rates of payment for social welfare recipients can be viewed in full here.

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