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19th Jan 2021

The Graham Norton Show has joined TikTok and hilarity is sure to ensue

Sarah Finnan

Graham Norton

You’ll no longer have to wait until Friday for that Graham Norton Show content you all love so much as the Irish presenter has confirmed he’s joined TikTok and will be updating the account with “classic moments, exclusive clips and all the best stuff from this season”. 

TikTok really took off in Ireland during the first lockdown last year. Initially downloaded as a means to cure boredom (at least in my case anyway), several months on and the novelty still hasn’t worn off. A definite roadblock to my ‘less screen time resolution’, the app seems to include its own inbuilt time vortex and ‘five more minutes’ is never just that.

Here to provide the country with even more lols and entertainment, Graham Norton has decided to throw in the towel and join the platform as well revealing that he’s finally joined TikTok and is now very much ‘down with the kids’.

Breaking the news with followers over on Twitter, the presenter outlined what exactly viewers can expect from his videos and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be attempting any of those viral dance challenges just yet (give it time…).

“Welcome to my TikTok… yes, I do know what TikTok is. We’re uploading classic moments, exclusive clips and all the best stuff from this season. Follow the show and you’ll never miss anything again… apart from your life.”

Maintaining that he definitely knows what TikTok is, the above clip seems to suggest otherwise… welcoming fans to his new account and then uploading the clip to the wrong platform probably isn’t the best way to convince us, but hey, what do we know?!

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