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14th Apr 2021

The new series of This Time with Alan Partridge begins later this month

James Fenton

Jurassic Park, cashback and kiss my face because tactless TV presenter Alan Partridge is returning to TV screens later this month.

The BBC have confirmed that they have indeed given the bumbling broadcaster his much-coveted second series, as This Time with Alan Partridge returns on April 30. The first series of the comedy series, based around a fictional chat show, aired in 2019 and was very well-received, as are most media incarnations of Steve Coogan’s comedic creation.

In it, Alan and his co-host navigate their way through a fairly awkward on-screen relationship as they front This Time, an evening talk show, which is generally a spoof on the likes of The One Show on the BBC. The last series brought us many memorable moments, not least when we met Partridge lookalike and Irish rebel enthusiast Martin Brennan….

Partridge has come a long way since he was first brought to life by Coogan way back in the early 90s and it fans will be glad to learn that they won’t have to wait long to see his latest exploits.

You can catch the first episode on BBC on Friday April 30 at 9.30pm

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