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These Irish-Made Mugs Allow You To Combine Your Love Of Tea And Puns

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Admit it: you form emotional attachments to cups.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, however, we all do it. 

There’s always that one cup in the press that just speaks to you, y’know? Maybe it’s the size, the shape or just the colour, but there’s just something about it that earns it a special place in your heart.

If you’re giving serious consideration to upgrading in the mug department, we’d heartily recommend you check out the new additions to Cork-based retailer of novelties Hairy Baby.   

Their range of funny mugs answers that age-old of what it would look like if you took Mr Men-esque characters and added a tea-based pun.

Have a gawk at the collection of 12…

Hairy 1
Hairy 2
Hairy 3
Hairy 4
Hairy 5
Hairy 6
Hairy 7
Hairy 8
Hairy 9
Hairy 10
Hairy 11
Hairy 12

Know anybody who needs one of these? Let them know in the comments!

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