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20th Dec 2016

The World’s Biggest Roof Garden In Silicon Valley looks Amazing


We are fast running out of space on this planet and one Silicon Valley property development company think they have a solution to that problem. Their proposals for a sky garden that spans 30 blocks and over a million square feet will include public parks, vine yards and orchards and even an amphitheater in the sky.


The people behind the project have bought up local real estate in the run down centre of Cupertino and will build 1000 apartments and a million square foot of office space to fund the vast rooftop gardens. As they said themselves

“The Hills at Vallco features an unprecedented 30-acre community park and nature preserve, which will not only be the largest community park in Cupertino, but also the largest green roof in the world”

The project has just been submitted for planning and given that the area is home to Google, Apple and Facebook as well as some of the fastest growing innovative companies in the world you’d have to expect it to be passed and construction to start soon.