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16th Feb 2018

PIC: The Naked Granny Scene In The Young Offenders Will Go Down In Irish Television History

Darragh Berry

This clip from Thursday night’s The Young Offenders episode had everything. The situation was gold, the timing was spot on and the finale was…unexpected to say the least.

Jock and Conor are on the run from Sergeant Healy – a shit Irish Terminator – after he spots them robbing bikes on the street.

They begin to hop the walls of back people’s gardens in Cork before landing at Mrs. McCarthy’s back door. 

She doesn’t see the lads stuck and lets them into the house away from Healy and manages to lock the door in his face just in time.

He tells her to “open the fucking door”, she flips him the bird but that’s not the gesture that leaves him completely speechless.

Young Offenders Granny

Dressing gown open and her birthday suit on show to the local Garda, Mrs. McCarthy left viewers bent over with laughter.

If you missed the latest episode you can find it on the RTÉ Player and the Granny boob flash is around the 2:30 mark. 

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