These Amazing Photos Capture the True Nature of Parenting

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Parents all over the world will be able to relate to these photos taken by photographer Danielle Guenther. She was taking normal portraits of families but despite most being perfect she was seeing another side to the families as they were setting up. A young mother herself she managed to talk clients into taking more "realistic" photos and the results are stunning. I'm sure there are a lot of people who recognise plenty of the scenes here!!

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best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-2  880
best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-4  880
best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-3  880
best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-6  880
best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-5  880
best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-8  880
best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-9  880
best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-10  880
best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-11  880

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