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23rd Oct 2017

These Are Irish People’s Favourite Words For ‘Being Hungover’


Probably one of the worst sensations you can experience, the dreaded hangover is made even worse by the fact that you brought it upon yourself.

You’ll be hard pressed to find any real sympathy for when you’re retching purely ‘cos you knocked back half a bottle of Jager last night.

But what slang word do you say for ‘being hungover’? Irish people have quite a few, with a recent Reddit thread throwing around some of the best.

Here’s their favourites…

“In tatters”

“Sick as a plane to Lourdes”

“I have the fear

“I’m in a heap”

“I’m scaldy as fuck”

“I’m in a jock”

“I’m bleeding dying”

“Tá póit an diabhail orm”


“I’m in a hoop”

What’s your go-to phrase for when you’re absolutely dying of a hangover?