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12th Dec 2017

These Are The Best Alcoholic Drinks If You’re Determined Not To Ruin Your Health Streak This Christmas


First things first, we’re all about enjoying the Christmas holidays.

Realistically, most of us will somehow fall off the health wagon over the next couple of weeks, and that’s perfectly okay.


But if you’re trying to stay somewhat on track with your health and fitness over the festive season, it may be nice to know that some alcoholic beverages may not throw you off your normal regime as much as others.

According to Cosmopolitan, champagne, vodka, gin or rum, are the options with the least amount of calories out of the huge variety of alcohol available.

Alcoholinfographic Cosmopolitan


Tequila, scotch, whiskey and light beers follow in second place.

And it’s not great news for any of us who enjoy the occasional glass of vino (or three).

According to Cosmo, a glass of white wine contains around 121 calories, while a glass of red averages at around 125 calories.

But sure look, we’re fairly sure this won’t put a stop to us enjoying ourselves over the break, it may only put into perspective which drinks will help us stay (somewhat) on track.

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