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16th Dec 2017

14 Things We Really, Really Miss About Secondary School

Rebecca Stafford

We’re not saying secondary school was the easiest experience of our lives. 

Hell, no. 

But it’s certainly a lot feckin’ easier than adulting – wouldn’t you agree?

Here are 14 things we really, really miss about secondary school. 

1. Mitching

Mitching school was the best adrenaline rush you could get as a teen and, of course, the satisfaction of not getting caught afterwards was also pretty great.

2. P.E

I mean, back when you were a teen, P.E was the worst because you had to haul in your P.E gear to and from school – which was the worst – but anything is better than actual work. 

3. Chicken fillet rolls

Possibly the best lunch going, a spicy chicken fillet roll from Spar, with a packet of Tayto and a can of coke.

The simple days..

4. Easy homework

Remember when homework consisted of answering a few maths questions and studying some French words? 

Yeah, same.

5. Dating

Dating as a teenager was probably the easiest thing ever, the person was from your friend group and you literally just had to hold hands like twice.

6. Ride-or-die friend group

When you’re in secondary school you have that close-knit group of friends who you’d do anything for, you always have people to hang out with.

What made it even better was that you saw them every single day.

7. Ultimate best friend

Everyone had an ultimate best friend through their teen years, someone you do everything with and you share all those weird personal details that you wouldn’t dare trust with anybody else with.

8. Free classes

Free classes = no work 

No work = the best craic you ever had

9. Not having to call anyone when you’re sick

Remember when sick days consisted of sleeping in and then getting your mammy to write a note? I miss those days.

10. Not having to worry about what clothes to wear

Although everybody hated those heavy uniforms that made you sweat buckets, it made life so much easier than having to choose clothes to wear.

11. Using sick bay as an excuse to get out of class

Sick bay was the good kids’ way of mitching without getting in trouble.

Had a class you wanted to avoid? Fake a headache and sit in sick bay for the whole class.

12. Using group work as an excuse to chat with mates

Using group work to catch up with Becky and all the tea she has on Katie and her boyf.

13. Copying homework

Nothing says I was too lazy to do this myself like copying someone else’s homework five minutes before class.

But remember to change it a little so that the teacher doesn’t cop.

14. School Tours

Cramming 50+ students onto a tiny bus and then taking them somewhere that they will never bother to even think about again.

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