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28th Mar 2017

This Is How Many Women In Ireland Enjoy “Multiple Orgasms”


Turns out Irish ladies are pretty lucky when it comes to the holy grail of the boudoir antics: the multiple orgasm.

An impressive 78.3% of women in Ireland enjoyed more than one climax on a regular enough basis, according to the latest survey by dating affairs service Victoria Milan, which surveyed over 6,000 members across the world.

The data analysis revealed that multiple orgasms have women screaming in bedrooms across the world, and an amazing 39.8% claim it happens every single time. 

19.5% of women say they’ll experience multiple orgasms once a year, while a lucky 17.3% say it occurs every other time.

 13.9% enjoy the pleasure phenomenon once a month, and 9.5% are doubling up on orgasms once a week.

While it’s no secret multiple orgasms are unbelievably high on the pleasure scale, statistics show that a small percentage of women would actually prefer to have one fantastically long orgasm (54.0%) than multiple orgasms.

So who is dishing out these multiple moan-and-groan inducers? 

49.3% of ladies say their long term partner can bring on an orgasm shower, 42.3% claim it’s their illicit lover nailing it, and 8.5% say it’s occurred on a one-night stand.

Top of the list of ladies having multiple orgasms is Spain, at 94.1%, which puts the Irish 78.3% ever so slightly to shame (we’re blaming the freezing bedrooms here), with Poland bottom at 50%.

Interesting, very interested.

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