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25th Oct 2017

These Are The Most Googled Halloween Costumes Of 2017


If you’re getting set to dress up and party this Halloweekend, you’re going to want to read this.

It’s the list of the most Googled costumes for this year’s fright fest.

And it could mean you find out just in time your awesome idea will have you dressed the same as 20 other partygoers.

It’s all thanks to Google Frightgeist, the nifty little gadget the search giant whipped up to keep track of what’s been researched by its users.

The Google research is from the US, and includes a State-by-State breakdown, but we still think it’s pretty useful.

Here are the top 10 results:

1. Wonder Woman

2. Harley Quinn

3. Clown

4. Unicorn

5. Rabbit

6. Witch

7. Mouse

8. Pirate

9. Zombie

10. Dinosaur

The rest of the list is pretty interesting – you can see it all here

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