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14th Nov 2018

This Map Shows How To Annoy Someone From Every European Country

James Fenton

There are a number of ways to annoy us here in Ireland. For one, you could greet us by saying “top of the mornin’!” or you could ask us to pronounce the number 33. Don’t even try to claim Irishness due to your great-great-grandmother and if you even think about referring to Katie Taylor as British we’ll knock you out quicker than the Bray boxer herself.

If you’re still unsure, this brilliant map brought to you by, well,, shows you exactly how to irritate a person from most European countries. For example, if you want to get under the skin of an Italian, tell ’em you love nothing more than enjoying your pasta with a big ol’ dollop of ketchup. If it’s the Spanish you’re after, ask them if they’re Latino, or if you want to annoy a French person tell them that you prefer American wines to their own.

As for us Irish, referring to the Republic as ‘Southern Ireland’ should be enough to grind our gears.

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If you’re heading on a European tour any time soon in might be best to take note of what not to say unless you fancy being ran out of the place.

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