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26th Feb 2018

This Netflix Documentary Has One Of The Most Shocking Twists You’ll Ever Watch


A good plot twist can take an average documentary from an eight to a solid 10, and sometimes the twists are SO good, you’ll be left sitting in silence on the sofa long after the TV screen has gone black.

One incredible doc that does just that? The Thin Blue Line.

The Thin Blue Line is considered one of the most groundbreaking murder mystery documentaries, and set the scene for shockingly compulsive viewing long before the recent Making A Murderer.

Here’s what it’s about…

One night in November 1976, after his car breaks down on a road outside Dallas, Randall Dale Adams accepts a ride from teenager David Harris. Harris is driving a stolen vehicle and, later that night, when Dallas police officer Robert Wood pulls the car over to check its headlights, he is shot and killed. 

A jury believes Adams is the killer, but this classic documentary explores the role of Harris’ perjured testimony, misleading witness accounts and police misconduct in the verdict.

We won’t give it all away…

Watch it, and tell all your mates to watch it. It’s available on Netflix if you want a good binge sesh tonight…

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