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02nd Dec 2017

This Non-Irish Person Watched The Toy Show And Was Absolutely Baffled

James Fenton

Irish people gathered around the telly last night for the annual tradition of watching ‘The Late Late Toy Show’. 

As usual, there were toys, gas kids, plenty of emotion and Ryan Tubridy running around like a playschool teacher who’s had too much caffeine. 

The mad thing is that this is all normal to us and not one Irish person batted an eyelid when a 44-year-old man dragged a kid around the floor of the RTÉ studio. 

However, to non-Irish people the Toy Show was a flabbergasting experience as Reddit user SynthiaTheToothless pointed out. 

Last night, the user posted the following:

“My girlfriend is Irish and she told me “we have to watch the Late Late Toy Show”. She tried her best to explain to me what it’s about and why people love it, but I was not expecting that.

“Toys and children been thrown around, families reunited, so many cool kiddos and a host who I’m not sure if doesn’t want to be there, did coke before and during or if he loves it. At first I thought we were watching it ironically or not, now, I still don’t know.

“Having said that, I loved it. Awesome, Ireland, awesome, I think. Also I don’t know if “Tubs” is good looking or just bit goofy.”

Good to have you on board, guys. To be fair, why on earth would we hide moments like this from the world?

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