One Of Colin Farrell's Most Underrated And Best Films On Irish Telly Tonight

Bank Holiday Monday night sorted.

Colin Farrell August

Have you 'The Fear'?

Did you spend too much over the long weekend and now you're on beans and toast for the rest of the month?

Well, worry about all that tomorrow because today, you are allowed to sit on the couch and do nothing, expect watch this belter of a movie on the telly.

Tigerland is from the turn of the century and stars Ireland's very own Colin Farrell who was making big waves early in his career.

It follows soldiers in a camp in Vietnam who are in training and could be called into battle at any moment.

Here's a look at the trailer if you haven't seen it before:

It's got a very respectable 76% on Rotten Tomatoes and has an 85% user rating on Google meaning the people of the World Wide Web are fans too.

If it tickles your fancy, it's on TG4, Bank Holiday Monday at half 9.

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