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08th Jan 2020

Black Mirror fans might recognise the villa in Winter Love Island

Darragh Murphy

The villa in Winter Love Island featured in Black Mirror

The villa in Winter Love Island may look familiar to fans of Netflix’s Black Mirror series.

The Cape Town property that the new set of islanders will call home for the six-week run of Winter Love Island is actually the same mansion in which Miley Cyrus’ character was imprisoned in one of the most recent episodes of Black Mirror.

In Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, Miley plays the fictional pop star Ashley O, who is held against her will and has her dreams mined for album content by her aunt.

The sprawling €6.25m house is the same one that will hear “I’ve got a text” roared on dozens of occasions over the next month and a half.

According to The Sun, the property is located in an area where a rampant gang war is ongoing following a recent shooting in Cape Town.

In order to keep the islanders safe in South Africa, the villa will be guarded by patrolling armed services throughout the duration of the series.

The production crew in Cape Town has also been given training on how to deal with any potential security breaches.

The upcoming series will be hosted by Bray presenter Laura Whitmore following Caroline Flack’s decision to stand down amid the ongoing controversy over her arrest and assault charge last month.

Winter Love Island gets underway on Sunday, January 12.