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20th Feb 2020

Laura Whitmore calls out photographer who hounded her and Iain Stirling at airport

Darragh Murphy

Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore has shared footage of an altercation she had with a photographer on Thursday.

Having landed in Cape Town and reuniting with boyfriend Iain Stirling for the first time since the tragic passing of their close friend Caroline Flack, Laura Whitmore understandably wanted some privacy and time with her partner.

According to Whitmore’s account, which she shared via a screenshot of her phone notes, the photographer asked for the couple to give him a reaction at the airport so that he could capture an image.

Stirling, who is the narrator of Love Island, took umbrage with the photographer and began filming him in the unpleasant exchange.

Whitmore wrote: “I landed in Cape Town this morning and it is the first time I’ve been with Iain since Caroline passed away. It’s been really hard being apart.

“At the airport, a photographer took pictures of use [sic] both and we tried to ignore it but he continued to follow us as we got coffee and left the building. So I asked him would he stop as he had what he wanted.

“I said we were mourning a friend and could he allow us space. He said ‘can you give me a reaction. It’s a public place and I can take pictures if I want.’

“I have never courted the paparazzi but understand at work events it comes with the territory. But this morning was too much.

“Iain filmed him and he didn’t like it. I don’t like attacking people but we need to call people out when they do things like this. Iain and I just wanted some privacy.”