This Absolute Legend Stole The Show Before Last Night's Late Late

"There's no shaking to be done!"

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Last night marked the return of the Late Late – and the official end of summer – and it was a cracker, starring the O'Donovan brothers, Annalise Murphy, Michael Conlan and, much to the delight of a tonne of ladies in the audience, Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan.

Well, sure you only have to mention Jamie's name among a crowd of women, and things get ridiculous very, very quickly – but this legend managed to entertain the eager audience before the lads came on with her hilarious antics.

Our favourite moments? The insistence that Ryan could be in the selfie too – a pity selfie if ever we heard of one – and, at the very end, the filthiest, funniest quip we've ever heard. Didn't catch it? Watch it back again there now...

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Written By

Rosemary MacCabe